Have you ever used student ambassadors? When I entered my role as the elementary school counselor at a grade 3-5 school, the student ambassador program was already in place but they were looking for a revamp.

Sometimes as counselors when we get help in the form of people such as interns or student ambassadors it can almost be more overwhelming to train them than to simply do the task yourself, but with the right delegation strategies these students can make your counseling life easier while having a rewarding experience themselves.

How to Use Student Ambassadors at the Elementary School Level

Teach Guidance Lessons

Who wouldn’t like a little help when it comes to teaching class lessons. This is often one of the most stressful parts of our job. We used our student ambassadors as guidance lesson instructors once a month. They got to practice public speaking and leadership skills, and I got to sit in the back of the class and chill!

How to worked: We would meet once a week during lunch and the ambassadors would split into small groups to practice their lesson. (Myself and our student ambassador teacher committee came up with the lessons.) On the last week of the month they would present their lessons. I would facilitate the whole thing ensuring everyone knew where they needed to be and pop into the classrooms to support as needed. (Okay, so not entirely chill on my part but you get it!)

Looking for guidance lesson templates for your student ambassadors to use? Check out these.

Help with School Wide Initiatives

Our ambassadors helped me with so many projects for the school counseling program. From helping assemble a kindness paper chain to hang around the school to organizing the Bullying Prevention Run, they helped make these school wide initiatives possible.

Volunteer Projects

Our ambassadors also chose a charitable cause they wanted to support and organized a fundraiser! We held a photo booth at recess where kids could pay $1.00 take pictures with fun photo props. All of the money raised went to the charity!

Make it Fun!

These kiddos are working hard and deserve to be rewarded! Our student ambassadors had special t-shirts they wore to events and when teaching class lessons. We also surprised them with a couple of pizza parties!

How to Choose Student Ambassadors

Our principal appointed the ambassadors based on grades, behavior, and attitude. Our ambassadors were exclusively 5th graders.

If your school doesn’t have an established student ambassadors program, mention it to your principal. It is a lot of fun and beneficial to everyone involved!


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