Does your school have 1:1 technology for students? In my district every student 3rd grade and up has a school issued iPad. While I think this potentially opens the door to countless other problems and I have my own personal beliefs about children and screen time, I can't help but recognize the opportunities and efficiency they provide in a school setting. Teachers are able to assign and review work through google classroom and the students are learning how to use apps which will continue to benefit them in their education and career.

So how does this apply to school counseling? As a school counselor, I use limited technology. I do classroom guidance lessons with PowerPoint that often include videos, but that's about it! I understand the value of technology and am always looking to incorporate it into my school counseling program so this summer I have been using google slides to create some digital resources. Most of them are drag and drop sorting activities where students can identify coping strategies.

How I plan to use them this year:

  • In class wide guidance lessons where students can interactively play on smart boards

  • In individual counseling sessions to review coping strategies

  • For unannounced drop in students to play

  • To give to students who are early for group and waiting on the others to show up

My students are always iPad in hand, and they use it in all other areas or school and home life, so why not use it in counseling? It makes learning about coping strategies visual and kinesthetic and it feels like a fun game. Also, we're not only saving paper but time! It is right there good to go whenever I have a kiddo pop in unexpectedly (aka everyday!)

using tablet

There is a little bit of a learning curve, but if you are familiar with PowerPoint or Google Slides give it a shot! I found this YouTube tutorial helpful.

Other ways you can use Google for your comprehensive school counseling program include:

  • Send out Google forms to collect feedback on your program in general or after each group /guidance lesson

  • Use Google sheets to organize your caseload

  • Use Google docs to keep worksheets and activities in the cloud and accessible from multiple devices

What are your thoughts on digital products? Are there any you would like to use this year?

Click here to see the ones I have created.

Create digital activities using Google Slides for your school counseling program. #brightfuturescounseling #elementaryschoolcounseling #elementaryschoolcounselor #schoolcounseling #schoolcounselor #digitalresourcesforschools


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