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October is Bully Prevention Month and unfortunately we all know that bullying is everywhere. Regardless of the socio economic status of the school, population, or even the country of the school, there is likely bullying happening. The good news is that we, as school counselors, can address this issue with our students and help to bring awareness to the harm of bullying and hopefully prevent it from happening. 

Now, you don’t always need to teach the same general bullying prevention lesson to every class or every group. There are topics you can narrow in on to make a bigger impact on your students byu addressing the issues they are actually dealing with. In this episode, I am breaking down ways you can teach about cyberbullying, lesson ideas to address relational aggression bullying, and activity ideas for how to put a fun Halloween twist on your school wide bullying prevention lessons.

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Ways you can teach about cyberbullying and why it is so important to address this with our students

  • Fun and impactful ways to teach about relational aggression bullying

  • Ideas for Halloween themed, school wide bullying prevention activities

  • Where to find free bullying prevention resources 

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