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I recently put an Instagram poll out to find out what your counselor goals, or resolutions, are for 2022. I used your answers to plan for my podcast episodes for the month of January. One of the topics that came up a lot was creating an efficient schedule. We all know the feeling of creating a schedule and then experiencing all kinds of interruptions that completely throw us off track. 

So, this week I am going to talk to you all about my favorite scheduling secrets. I’ll share some practical solutions to streamline your schedule and make your counseling life easier. Planning your schedule intentionally, and eliminating disruptions as much as possible, will allow you to meet with your students and maintain your commitment to them and your scheduled times.

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Two secrets to creating a stress-free counseling schedule

  • How to establish a crisis response team protocol

  • Potential team members who can be part of a crisis prevention team and what to do if staff members aren’t willing to help

  • Why it’s so important to put absolutely everything on your calendar

  • Batching your tasks to make the most of your time

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