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Are you looking for tips on what to focus on in order to see big results in your counseling program? That’s what we are focussing on all month long! We are taking the next five weeks to look at key areas to focus on for a big impact in your program. Today, we are taking a look at how scheduling can help you get better results in your counseling program.

You may hear scheduling and think I’m sharing a calendar or scheduling tool with you but, in this episode, we are talking about scheduling a crisis response team to help prevent you from being stretched too thin. I am covering the difference between a crisis response team and a crisis response protocol, ideas for who might be on a crisis response team, how to schedule who responds to a crisis, and how it helps both you and your students. 

There are so many benefits to having a crisis response team and I truly believe it will be so helpful for you and your students! I’d love to hear who you are considering for your crisis response team so send me a DM on Instagram and let me know!

Looking to learn more about establishing a crisis response team and protocol? The Stress Free School Counseling Course covers this and so much more! If you are ready to stop taking work home and working through lunch, and start spending more time helping students, this course is designed for you! The Stress Free School Counseling course is now available all year long for you to work through at your own pace! This course will help you use data to showcase the importance of your program and your students’ progress, shift your program from reactive to proactive, and design a schedule that allows you to best serve your students without the stress. 

If you want more ongoing support through biweekly live coaching calls, quarterly professional development, a private Facebook community, and monthly curriculum plans, join us inside the IMPACT membership!

Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Information about the Stress Free School Counseling Course

  • What the difference between a crisis response team and a crisis response protocol is

  • Ideas for staff members who could be part of the crisis response team

  • How to make a schedule for the crisis response team

  • How having a crisis response protocol is beneficial to both you and the students

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