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Whether you are a new school counselor or have been one for years, it’s always great to hear from other school counselors. To celebrate 2 years of IMPACT, we will be hearing from IMPACT members every week in March. I know hearing from these school counselors will leave you feeling inspired! 

Aimee Garcia is joining us today to share what her role as a school counselor looks like. She is sharing all about how she became interested in school counseling, what she loves about being a school counselor, how she collaborates with the school social worker, what struggles and frustrations she faces, and what a day in her role looks like. Aimee also shares what she loves about being an IMPACT member and how it helps her be prepared with resources for any lessons she needs to teach.

Aimee Garcia is a first year school counselor, wife, and mother of two, working at a public charter school in San Antonio, Texas. She has been in education for ten years, spending the majority of that time as a teacher at the middle school she once attended as a teenager. She taught middle school art, gifted and talented, and English classes and was named teacher of the year in 2017. Through her years teaching middle school, she found that one of her favorite parts of the day were the personal interactions she had with students and the conversations that led to both parties leaving feeling a little bit better.

As a life long learner Aimee always looked for ways to challenge herself within teaching roles, becoming an Arts Integrations Specialist, Electives department leader, and Group Travel coordinator. Eventually her path led her back to school, where she earned her Master's Degree in School Counseling. With her career in School Counseling now in full force, she continues to challenge herself as a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate working to earn her full LPC license in the next few years. 

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • IMPACT is turning TWO! To celebrate, we are hosting the Ultimate Small Group Experience

  • Aimee’s background and how she became interested in moving from a teacher role to a school counselor

  • Her thoughts on using art in her current role

  • What she loves about being a school counselor

  • How she collaborates with the school social worker to meet student needs

  • What struggles and frustrations she faces as a school counselor

  • How to handle crises when you have scheduled commitments

  • What a day in the life of Aimee looks like

  • How being an IMPACT member has helped Aimee as a school counselor

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