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By now, you may know how much I LOVE data collection, and there’s a good reason for it! Collecting and sharing data is the best way to measure growth and advocate for your role as a school counselor. I know what you may be thinking right now. It’s only September. Why are we already talking about data?

Here’s the thing, even if you’ve only just started the school year, it’s not too early to begin data collection! In fact, it’s the perfect time to get started. With everything else going on at the beginning of a new year, data is one of the things that often gets overlooked. Even if you’re a first year counselor, or don’t have data from the previous year, you can still collect and display data right away! In this episode, I’m sharing how to break your data down into two areas: services provided and student progress.

After listening, I hope you are feeling empowered, not intimidated, to begin tracking and sharing data this year! Starting at the beginning of the year truly is such a great habit to get into. It’s going to give you a wealth of information so that you can be able to see the impact you made on your students and get the recognition you deserve by displaying your data proudly!

Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Why you need to collect data at the beginning of the school year

  • How to create a data wall or bulletin board, even if you don’t have data yet

  • No-tech or low-tech options for displaying data virtually

  • Specific ways to quantify student progress

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