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There are two things I suggest you focus on first and foremost as the school year begins. The first one is data collection, which I talked about during my last episode. The second is organization, which may not come so easy to school counselors. I feel like teachers tend to have this under control with their flair pens and post-its, but after this episode they’ll be asking you for tips!

As counselors we wear so many hats and can be pulled in different directions all throughout the day. Our time is so valuable and the last thing we should be doing is sifting through notes and papers while our students need us. I promise if you take the time to create these systems now you will see the benefits all year long! Don’t forget to send me a message on Instagram to let me know if you’re on team messy or team organized!

Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Reasons organization can increase student impact

  • 2 systems that you can implement in your school counseling program

  • How these organization systems can save you time in the long run

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