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In today's episode I am chatting with Executive Function and ADHD coach Sarah Lovell about practical strategies school counselors can use to improve their own executive functioning skills and help students. 

Sarah Lovell (she/her) is an executive function & ADHD coach for ambitious professionals, college students, creatives, and perfectionists. With a background as a Master’s level social worker, Sarah believes self-care & self-talk are the foundation of everything we do (including executive functioning!).

She’s spent 10 years helping clients overcome procrastination, burnout, time blindness, and overwhelm. She loves helping clients notice their self-talk, shift their mindset, and build a toolbox of realistic strategies through 1:1 coaching and her membership, The Stuck to Started Society.

When Sarah isn't working, she's taking her rescue pitbull Georgia on a trail hike, paddle boarding, or snuggling up with a good book.


Some highlights from this episode are:

  • The importance of addressing negative self-talk around executive functioning challenges.

  • Using an organized external system to manage tasks and thoughts to avoid mental overload,

  • Distinguishing between procrastination and being "stuck" when facing tasks.

  • Separating planning from taking action to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

  • Time management strategies that will be covered in Sarah's Summer Summit session, including intuitive scheduling and prioritizing questions.

Tune in and let me know what you think! 

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