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Looking for a simple way to help prevent bullying in your school? Focus on friendship building! We are continuing to talk about bullying prevention by diving into how to promote friendship at your school.

Knowing how to include others and build and maintain friendships is key to preventing bullying. Today, I am sharing easy to implement strategies you can use to promote friendship. I am sharing three ideas for promoting friendship at a schoolwide level, ideas for class lessons on friendship, activities for friendship small groups, and how to work on friendship in individual sessions.

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • 3 ways to incorporate friendship building at a school wide level

  • How to teach friendship in an engaging way at in classroom lessons

  • The importance of accurately naming your small groups in order to advocate for your role

  • Ideas for covering qualities of a good friend, making friends, and maintaining friendships in small groups

  • How to work on friendship at the individual session level

  • Information about the FREENot So Scary Small Groups video series

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