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Just how important is it to have healthy meals as a busy school counselor? We hear about eating healthy all the time but making sure our bodies and minds are properly nourished helps us to maximize our productivity and just feel good! If you’re not sure where to start when planning out nourishing lunches, dietician Sandra Gentleman is here to help!

Who doesn’t love a good treat in the teacher’s lounge or grabbing a coffee on the way into school? As delicious and comforting as these things are, it’s important for us to have balanced meals throughout our day to fuel our minds and our bodies.

In this episode, Sandra is sharing her background and expertise, the importance of planning lunches ahead of time, strategies to plan and prep lunches, and some guidance on what a healthy lunch consists of. We are chatting about the advantages of packing your lunches, how healthier foods impact our mental and physical health, and how to ensure you are practicing mindful eating.

After practicing as a Registered Dietitian for 24 years, Sandra is passionate about healthy eating and nutrition. Recently, She’s been taking school groups through grocery Nutrition Tours as a fun and interactive way to help improve awareness of healthy food. "My Wife The Dietitian" is a podcast that Sandra hosts with her husband, Rob to help cover diet and nutrition topics. Check out her blog and their social media, including YouTube with the podcast.

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Sandra’s experience and expertise as a dietician

  • The importance of planning lunches ahead of time for both nutritional and social aspects

  • Strategies to plan and prep meals as a busy school counselor and a practical example of a meal you can prep for the week

  • What meals should consist of so they are properly nourishing our bodies

  • Why Sandra recommends people bring their own lunches to work

  • How what we eat affects our minds, bodies, and budgets either negatively and positively

  • How to practice mindful eating and why it is so important

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