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It’s January, the start of a new year and what better way to kick off your year than with a time audit! You know I love time audits because they are so incredibly helpful for making the most of your time and helping you make the biggest impact you can. I know, you might be thinking that adding another thing to your to-do list just isn’t possible. But believe me, you can regain so much time just by doing a quick time audit of what you’re doing each day!

As school counselors, we have so much on our plate so finding ways to maximize our time and eliminate things where we can is key to fitting it all in. I have found the best way to truly see where my time goes is by completing a time audit and today, I am breaking down how you can easily do a time audit of your school day to ensure you are making the most of your time!

If you want more tips for completing a time audit and maximizing your already limited time, be sure to check out the Stress Free School Counseling Course. Module 1 is all about designing your ideal day and making the biggest impact you can on your students and a time audit is a key piece to making this happen.

Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Can’t miss details about the new series, Coffee with the Counselor

  • Why you should complete a time audit of your work day

  • Two ways to complete your time audit

  • How to break your tasks down into three categories to help you prioritize your work

  • How to decide which tasks you can delegate or eliminate to free up more time

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