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What are indirect student services? We all know there is so much that goes into school counseling besides just the class lessons, small groups, and individual sessions. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes. These indirect student services are so important to making the biggest impact possible on all of our students. 

If you’re looking through the ASCA website, it may seem wordy, formal, and confusing making it challenging to determine what you should consider direct or indirect student services. So I went through and broke down the standards and competencies into easier to understand language, giving you the info you need without all the confusion! In this episode, I am sharing the ASCA standards and competencies that are considered indirect student services and explaining what each one means so you can better understand how to log the time you are spending doing these tasks.

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

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  • Why you need to be designing instruction based on ASCA standards and data

  • The importance of being mindful of the students represented at our school when choosing resources and curricula

  • Why it’s important to recognize that school counseling is to be short-term

  • How collaborating and communicating with administrators, teachers, and parents helps with student success

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