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Where has this year gone? The school year is wrapping up shortly which means that it is a great time to dive into your data and use it to advocate for your role. If the thought of collecting and looking at data seems overwhelming to you, don’t fret! In this episode, I am sharing two tools that I recommend using to easily track services provided.

I absolutely love helping you use data to advocate for your role and improve your program so I am dedicating this month to help you dive into the data! We are breaking it down so it doesn’t seem so daunting. Today, we are covering how to track the services you provide in an effective and efficient way. We are looking at what services provided means, how to use a calendar to track your services, and why a counseling hub is helpful in tracking your services provided data. 

If you are at all interested in data or if you feel completely overwhelmed by data, the FREE training on how to use an end of the year report to improve your program and advocate for your role is for you! This live training will cover the ins and outs of my favorite data tracking tool, how to interpret data, and how to showcase the data to advocate for your role. Plus, you’ll get a PD certificate and editable data tool when you show up live and complete the training!

Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Details about the upcoming FREE training on using data to advocate for your role

  • What the term “services provided” means

  • How to use a calendar to track services provided data

  • What a counseling hub consists of and how to use it to track the students you have served

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