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Are you finding that you are feeling burned out or that your mindset just isn’t great right now? Our mindset and thoughts impact us more than we realize. If you aren’t loving your job or are feeling overwhelmed, a mindset shift may make a huge difference! Luckily, there are things we can do to improve our mindset which may lead to rediscovering our love for our job and reducing overwhelm.

Our guest today, Chrissy Nichols, is here to share some amazing ways to shift our mindset. She uses her experience as a teacher to help educators love their job again and avoid burnout. She is sharing what she does as a life and mindset coach for educators, the three main areas she coaches in, one strategy counselors can implement to take control of their schedule, how educators can learn to re-love their job, and how thoughts impact your life. 

Chrissy Nichols is a life coach for teachers. After more than 22 years in the classroom, Chrissy used the very tools she teaches to lose 26 pounds, meet the love of her life and fall back in love with teaching. Chrissy works one-on-one with teachers to help them in three main areas: time power, body balance, and relationships. Chrissy's tools and brain hacks help teachers see that there is absolutely nothing wrong with them--they just need to learn how to rewire their brain. Chrissy helps teachers find the joy in teaching again and get back to feeling like the best version of themselves. Chrissy's thought concepts become your concepts over at

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Chrissy’s background in education and what she does as a mindset and life coach for educators

  • The three areas Chrissy focuses on improving in her coaching work

  • One strategy counselors can start implementing today to regain control of their schedule

  • Chrissy’s advice for learning how to re-love your job when you feel burnout or like you want to quit

  • How our mindset and thoughts impact our lives

  • What counselors can do to help their mindset after a challenging day at work

  • How to prepare your mind for the day even when you have an already busy morning

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