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Is it really possible to meet with EVERY student in your school? We know it’s important to check in with students to see how they are doing but how could you possibly sit down and talk with every single student? Our guest today, Dr. Heidi MacDonald is a school psychologist who uses “minute meetings” to talk to every student in her school and is sharing how you can implement this in your school as well!

Dr. Heidi MacDonald is in her 25th year of being a school psychologist. She resides in Connecticut but was born and raised in Pennsylvania.  She is a proud graduate of Penn State University's School Psychology Program.  She is married to a school psychologist and they have one daughter, who is a Junior at Penn State.  Heidi loves her job! She enjoys supervising interns from and teaching in the School Psychology Program at the University of Hartford.  In her spare time, Heidi loves working out, thrift shopping, crafting, and batching everything that she can in order to make life more efficient.  She and her family have 4 cats and 1 guinea pig, Marcel, who goes to school with her.

We want to make sure that no student falls through cracks and that every student is getting the services they need. Getting the student’s perspective and input on how things are going not only gives us valuable data but also gives us insight into how we can best support our students. In this episode, Heidi is sharing about her role as a school psychologist, how she implements minute meetings, and what the benefits of implementing these meetings are.

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • A look inside Heidi’s day as a school psychologist

  • What Heidi wishes school counselors knew about the role of school psychologists

  • What minute meetings are and why she started utilizing them

  • The six questions she asks to every student in her school

  • What positive impact she has seen since implementing them

  • How she uses the data gathered from these meetings

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