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If you’re a recent graduate who is looking for your first school counseling job or if you’re an experienced counselor who is looking for a new job and you need to brush up on your interview skills, this episode is for you! 

Today I am joined by guest, Lauren Tingle. Together, we go over some of the common questions you may encounter in an interview for a school counseling position and discuss how we would answer them. These questions come directly from the ASCA website.

There are so many questions on the website, and we only had time to cover a few, so I encourage you to go check them out for yourself and find a friend to practice with! Not only does Lauren bring her perspective as an experienced high school counselor, but she has also sat on the other side of the table asking these questions to interviewees, so her insight is priceless! 

Lauren is a former high school counselor turned content creator and curriculum writer. She is the high school counseling hype girl behind Counselor Clique helping other high school counselors energize and breathe life into their programs through creative and engaging counseling resources. She’s also the host of the podcast High School Counseling Conversations where she brings value and fun into high school counseling!

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Common interview questions school counselors can use to help them prepare and how we would answer those questions

  • How to use your experience as an intern or from your practicums to help you answer questions during your interview

  • Why it’s important to talk about times you’ve been successful as well as times you’ve struggled with a student in an interview

  • Developing a plan for personal self-care stress management and stress management at work

  • Ideas for crafting your educational philosophy

  • The most important thing you can do as a new person in the school to start to develop positive relationships with students

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