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Data is a powerful tool. The more data we can collect on our counseling programs, the more effective our programs will be and the more students we will be able to serve and impact. All month, I’ve been sharing my favorite data tools that I’ve found super helpful in my own program, and I’ve been joined by guests who have shared how they have used these tools in their own programs.

In episode 89, I interviewed Jessica Weinberg about how she uses Behavior Surveys to transform her program. Katherine Guerrero joined me in episode 90 to discuss how she uses the End of the Year report, and in Episode 92, I shared how to create an End of the Year Report.

Episode 91 was all about how to use attendance data to form school counseling groups. I hope you’ve had a chance to try out some of these data tools and see how you can use them to help you in your school counseling program. I have one more data tool I want to share with you as you’re wrapping up your program this year and starting to look toward next school year.

In this episode, I discuss how you can use Parent/Teacher Feedback Survey data to modify your school counseling program. The feedback survey provides valuable information about how parents and teachers feel about the counseling program in general and if it has been beneficial to their child/student’s life now. I hope you’ll be inspired to create a simple yet effective feedback survey for your program that will help you make your counseling program even better next year. 

If you’re feeling inspired and motivated by this series and ready to get all the data tools to wrap up the school year and get prepared for the next, I’ve got a great resource for you! My School Counseling Data Tools Bundle includes all the data collection tools I’ve shared in this series–the self-assessments, behavior surveys, the End of the Year Report, and more! 

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • What feedback surveys are, when to send them, and who to send them to

  • Tips for getting quality feedback in the easiest way possible

  • Importance of planning an evidence-based and needs-based school counseling program and how feedback surveys can help you do that

  • Why I recommend collecting data using feedback surveys even if you’re not returning to the school

  • Examples of powerful types of questions you can include on your feedback survey

  • How to be receptive to feedback and not take criticism personally

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