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School counselors come from all sorts of backgrounds and it is so interesting to hear how their previous roles play into their role as a school counselor! Making the transition to school counseling can be a process that takes time or, like for our guest Stephanie Hubbard, can be fairly quick. Stephanie is joining us today to talk all about how she got her job as a school counselor intern before she even graduated and what impact she is making at the school.

Regardless of how we came into our roles, as school counselors, we all want to serve our students in the best way possible. A key way to do that is to collaborate with other teachers to ensure students are getting the support they need. Stephanie is an amazing example of this! In this episode, she is sharing the importance of collaborating with other staff and teachers. We are also chatting about her background in IT, how she is transitioning into her new role, what she finds frustrating as a school counselor, what her daily schedule looks like, and advice she has for new school counselors.

Stephanie Hubbard is a first year counselor intern. She loves learning new ways she can support her school staff and students. Stephanie comes from a big family so being around children has never been an issue for her! She loves shopping and traveling to new places. Stephanie graduates in May 2023 as a school counselor and is ready to see what the world has to offer her!

Stephanie shared how much she loves the IMPACT membership and how helpful it has been for her as a new and busy school counselor! If you are looking for a way to save time and still provide amazing, effective, and impactful lessons across all three tiers, this membership is for you. I hope to see you inside!

Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Stephanie’s background in IT and how she got her role as a school counselor intern before graduation

  • How she is transitioning into her new role as a school counselor in a multigenerational school

  • What she finds frustrating about school counseling

  • What her daily schedule looks like 

  • How she collaborates with the related arts team and classroom teachers to brainstorm, plan, and ensure student needs are met

  • Stephanie’s advice for new school counselors

  • Why Stephanie LOVES the IMPACT membership

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