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Have you heard of an advisory program before? It’s similar to implementing a school wide SEL program and is so beneficial to our students! Leslie Cuprill of Informed Decisions is joining us today to share all about starting an advisory program in your school. Whether you’ve considered starting an advisory program at your school or you aren’t even sure what an advisory program is, Leslie has some incredible tips for you!

Leslie has a great deal of experience with implementing advisory programs in schools. In this episode, she is sharing what an advisory program is, things you should and should not do when implementing an advisory program, examples of ways to implement a program, and practical tips to get started right away. I know you are going to walk away from this episode with so many ideas for an advisory program at your school!

Leslie Cuprill is a licensed clinical social worker from Brooklyn, New York, who loves supporting educators and students!  For two decades she has worked with court and gang-involved, youth LGBT+. teen mothers, special needs populations, and educators. Throughout her career, she taught, counseled, ensured support of academic intervention services, supervised, conducted professional development trainings, designed curriculum, and developed programs.

She started Informed Decisions to provide resources for counselors and teachers working with multicultural urban youth, teens, and young adults. She wants educators to feel confident in facilitating and engaging in interactive activities for their students. The information and resources are culturally, racially, and developmentally appropriate materials used to engage, educate, guide, and inspire our young people. Youth deserve to be afforded equitable opportunities to become productive contributing members of society. Together she believes we can engage multicultural youth in making informed decisions about their lives and future successes!

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • What an advisory program is and how it relates to school counselors

  • 3 things not to do when it comes to advisory

  • Ideas of different ways to implement an advisory program

  • 3 things you should do in an advisory program

  • Practical tips to get started with advisory right away

  • What to do if teachers aren’t on board with implementing advisory

  • Leslie’s tip for school counselors who are nervous about starting an advisory program

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