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Class lessons can be tricky for school counselors especially when it comes to a topic, like social skills, that’s  easier to teach in a smaller setting. If you’re unsure where to even begin when planning your tier one social skills lessons, don’t stress! I’m sharing 3 great activities you can easily implement to teach your whole class social skills lessons!

In this episode, we are taking a look at tier one social skills lessons and how to reach a wide range of levels of understanding. I am sharing three different actionable strategies for teaching social skills that you can implement right away, examples of each of these strategies, and resources to make using these strategies stress-free!

I would love to hear from you which activity you try out with your tier one lessons! Tag me or send me a message on Instagram so I can join in on  the fun!

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • How to use a social filter sorting activity to teach what is acceptable and unacceptable to say in different situations

  • Examples of utilizing skits and acting to teach social skills

  • Using expected versus unexpected behavior examples as a guide for discussion

  • 3 resources for you to use when teaching whole class social skills lessons

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