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Providing counseling in a one-on-one setting is so powerful for our students who are experiencing extreme anxiety. Today, we are wrapping up our anxiety series with 4 effective strategies you can use to help your students cope with anxiety. If you missed the last three episodes, go back and check them out.

In episode 80, you’ll hear me talk about what anxiety is and how we might see it show up in students. Episode 81 is all about strategies you can use to address anxiety during class counseling lessons, and in episode 82 I share strategies you can use to address anxiety during group counseling lessons. 

This series has been designed to give you quick, actionable takeaways that you can implement in your own counseling program right away to support your students who are experiencing anxiety. You can find some of my favorite strategies in my Anxiety and Worry Individual Counseling Curriculum, including student journal activities and grounding activities. This curriculum is really helpful for simplifying your counseling life and includes everything you need, even the data tools! 

Stick around to the end of this episode to hear our counseling stories, and you might hear your own! It’s super easy to submit your story. Just casually record a little voice memo on your phone telling me a short story about something that happened in your counseling day. It can be something cool, funny, or even sad. Send it to me using this form, and tune in each week to find out if your story is being featured.

Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • 4 strategies to use when it comes to anxiety counseling with students at the individual level so you can wrap around more support

  • Tips for collecting data that will give you a full picture of what is going on with your counseling students so you can best support them

  • Why journaling is so powerful and how using guided journaling can make a big impact

  • Ideas for crafts you can make on an individual level that are creative and meaningful

  • Simple yet effective grounding exercises you can use in individual counseling

  • Importance of teaching anxiety strategies when students are in a calm state

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