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Do you work in a Title 1 school or support low income students and families? Working in a low income school can come with unique challenges and supporting these students and families may look a little different. It is so important to understand each unique student and family and find ways to best support them.

Today we are joined by Megan Polk who is sharing some amazing tips she has learned from working in Title 1 schools for 15 years. She is sharing her background and experience in Title 1 schools, what Title 1 is and what the different types of Title 1 funding are, strategies school counselors can use to support low income students, and important things to consider when communicating and collaborating with parents and caregivers.

Megan Polk is a literacy specialist living in Nashville, Tennessee. She has over a decade of teaching experience across elementary grades. She uses best practices and innovation to meet and reach students where they are. Megan is the content creator behind The Literacy Dive and Writing Made Simple where she creates reading and writing resources that are creative, rigorous, and comprehensive. She seeks to equip teachers who share similar challenges and have the same mission: to close the gap, to increase student confidence and achievement, and to develop students who will expand their true love for literacy. Megan is dedicated to supporting teachers, parents, and students everywhere! She loves connecting with educators through Instagram and enjoys diving into ALL things literacy every Monday on The Literacy Dive Podcast. Megan realizes the power of collaboration and the positive impact it holds; teachers are truly better together!

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Megan’s background and experience teaching in Title 1 schools

  • The importance of the reaction of teachers and staff and the action they take to make a conducive learning environment for these students

  • What Title 1 is and the different types of Title 1 services

  • Strategies that school counselors can use to support students from low income populations

  • Important things to consider when supporting low income families and caregivers and ideas for how to create strong relationships with them

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