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Trauma affects everybody, not just certain communities. It is so incredibly important that school counselors are able to support our students who have experienced trauma in positive and impactful ways. Knowing how to best support our students who have childhood trauma can be challenging and I am so glad that Joyce Harduvel is joining me today to share some incredible insight on helping these kiddos.

Joyce is a licensed clinical social worker and a certified school social work specialist. After seven years in the field of school social work working with students from preschool to high school, she is pivoting to provide school-based clinicians with the resources, community, and training that they need to support their students.

Recognizing that most of what she used on a daily basis as a school social worker she had to learn through experience and create herself, Joyce is committed to sharing her expertise to make the lives of school-based clinicians easier so that they can focus on the important part: the students!

In this episode, we are discussing her background as a school social worker in the Chicago Public Schools, an example of how childhood trauma might respond to something and how she would respond to the situation, strategies for handling pushback from teachers and parents, and how trauma impacts a student’s ability to learn. 

Joyce has so much more incredible information on trauma informed solutions to challenging behaviors that she is presenting on at the IMPACT Summer Summit. Be sure to sign up so you don’t miss Joyce’s powerful presentation! This two day event includes presentations by 15 amazing specialists, Q&As, and giveaways! The summit starts June 20, 2023 so grab your ticket now to help get you ready for an awesome school year!

Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Joyce’s background and how she got into school social work by accident

  • An example of how a student with trauma may respond to something and how Joyce would respond to this situation

  • How she handles pushback from parents and teachers

  • How trauma affects students’ ability to learn and examples of what responses to trauma may look like

  • Why relationships are crucial to being more trauma informed when working with students

  • Ways counselors can help to encourage teachers and admin to have a more trauma informed care view

  • What to keep in mind in case students in class have experienced trauma

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