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These school counseling behavior surveys are designed to make it easy to collect data and track student progress. Simply send the surveys to parents and teachers before you see an individual student or before a small group starts and then send a follow-up survey when your counseling sessions are complete. Use the data to track student growth and determine if further services are needed. Every school counseling program should rely on data in order to be effective!

I have also updated these behavior surveys to include a Google Form! Now you can send the surveys directly with a link and they can be answered online. Then you will have all of the responses easily organized so you can use the data to evaluate your program and compile your end-of-the-year report.

These behavior surveys cover 5 different topics:

  • Self-Regulation
  • Self-Esteem
  • Relational Aggression
  • Friendship
  • New Students

*Updated to include an editable Google Forms version so you can send the surveys straight to students via email or direct link.

Need more tips for tracking data? Check out this blog post I wrote.


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* School Counseling Needs Assessment

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