Friendship School Counseling Guidance Lesson for Primary Students


Primary (PK-1st)

Researched Based

Fun and Engaging

Easy to Implement

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Looking for a fun, ready-to-use friendship lesson for your primary students? This hands-on friendship classroom guidance lesson is designed to be used with Pre-K to 1st-grade students in a tier 1 classroom setting. The lesson begins with a friendship icebreaker which will get students up and moving around the classroom. I like starting with a movement-based activity as I have found it helps get everyone on the same page and ready to learn. After the ice-breaker activity, there is a friendship read-aloud story, followed by a discussion ball game, friendship song, and coloring page.

This friendship lesson is designed to last about 30 minutes and I have included a counselor's guide so you will know exactly what to do and when. You can also use the included exit ticket to collect data on how effective your lesson was.

Classroom lessons can be intimidating, especially with younger students, but they are a critical part of a three-tiered school counseling program. This lesson was created specifically for primary students so all of the included activities are super hands-on and designed to keep the little ones engaged!

Looking for a friendship guidance lesson for students that are a little older? Check out this editable option.

This Friendship Lesson Includes:

  • Movement-based Icebreaker
  • Read Aloud Story
  • Discussion Ball Game
  • Friendship Song
  • Coloring Page
  • Ticket out the Door - Data Check-In
  • Counselor's Guide
  • Digital Version

Benefiting Students

Strong supportive friendships are crucial for student success both inside and outside of the classroom. Having the ability to solve conflicts within friendships will give students a foundation to grow and maintain friendships throughout their lives.

At a minimum, this lesson will allow students to define the qualities of a good friend and practice new conflict-resolution strategies.

Saving Time

This friendship lesson is ready to use and designed to be low-prep.

Who is this Lesson Designed For?

This lesson is designed for primary students in a classroom setting.


⁕ Friendship Pizza

⁕ Friendship Small Group

Friendship Board Game

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