Interactive Growth Mindset Escape Room Class Lesson: Growth vs. Fixed Mindset


Elementary (2nd-5th)

Researched Based

Fun and Engaging


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This Growth Mindset Guidance Lesson is extremely interactive and fun! Help students acquire a growth mindset, determine the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset, and learn the power of 'yet' with these engaging activities. Students are divided into groups and must work as a team as they move around the room to solve all 5 missions.

This interactive class lesson is similar to a scavenger hunt or escape room!

5 Missions to Complete:

  • Mission 1: Sorting Activity
  • Mission 2: Sentence Scramble
  • Mission 3: Act it Out
  • Mission 4: Draw a Picture
  • Mission 5: Write Examples


  • Teacher/Counselor Guide
  • Photo Examples
  • Easy to Read Kid Instructions
  • 5 Interactive Missions

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Benefiting Students

Fostering a growth mindset is a foundational lesson that will impact everything else in students' lives. Learning to view challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow will give students a perspective of hope and encouragement.

At a minimum, this lesson will help students identify the difference between a growth and fixed mindset.

Who is this designed for?

"Mission: Growth Mindset” is designed for students grades 2-6. It can also be modified to work for other grades.


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