Growth Mindset 3 Tier Curriculum | Teach Strategies to Foster a Growth Mindset


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Growth mindset is a topic that you will come back to again and again as a school counselor. With this three-tier curriculum, you will have an engaging, ready-to-use, research-based, school counseling activity to use no matter what level of intervention your students need.

How often do you hear "I am just not good at X" or "it's not fair that Y is so good at Z"? These are the types of statements that come from having a fixed mindset. Fostering a growth mindset in students will help them see challenges as a chance to grow and learn. Furthermore, students will be empowered to improve rather than just wishing things were different.

This bundle includes:

About the growth mindset class lesson:

This fun, low-prep, classroom counseling lesson will keep students engaged and help them learn the difference between a growth and a fixed mindset.

The best part? I have taken care of all of the planning and prep for you! This classroom counseling lesson is aligned with ASCA and CASEL standards, and it includes a detailed counselor script, outline, suggested answers, and extension activities.

By the end of this lesson, students will learn to view challenges as a chance to grow and learn something new. They will begin to view the brain as a flexible muscle that can grow. In addition, students will apply this knowledge to their own lives.

This Class Lesson Includes:

  • Counselor's Guide with ASCA and CASEL aligned objectives
  • Detailed Outlines with scripts, suggested student answers, and extension activities
  • Movement-Based Icebreaker
  • Discussion Die Game (option for jumbo version!)
  • 5 Role Play Skits
  • Cut and Paste Interactive Worksheet Reflection (includes color and B&W versions)
  • Data Collection Tool: Pre and Post Lesson Self-Assessments

About the growth mindset small group:

Help students develop a growth mindset with this easy to use 5 week school counseling group. Growing Minds is a low-prep growth mindset group set to ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors. Students will learn how their brain is like a muscle, how they can learn from mistakes, and why challenges are beneficial.

Group Outline

Week 1: Your Brain is like a Muscle

Week 2: Learning from Mistakes

Week 3: The Power of Yet

Week 4: Learning from Challenges

Week 5: Reflection

Here is what's included each week:

  • Outlines: Easy to implement outlines with ASCA and CASEL-aligned objectives
  • Group Rules: Suggested and DIY Group Rules poster so students can take ownership of the creation of the group rules and norms.
  • Feelings Check: Feelings Check Poster to serve as a visual aid for students to self-reflect on their emotional state at the start of each session.
  • Self-Assessments: Pre and post-group self-assessments to track student growth and make data collection easy!
  • Engaging games and activities: I include everything you need to run each session. Simply print each week before the students arrive and you are ready to go.

Discussion Icebreakers Include:

2 Sets of Growth Mindset Discussion Cards

2 Discussion Games

Discussion Dice

Videos Include:

Links to 5 Class Dojo© Videos to supplement activities and facilitate discussion

About the growth mindset individual counseling curriculum:

This growth mindset individual counseling curriculum is designed to be used with students in a tier III one-on-one setting. Through engaging activities, crafts, and games, students will learn the strategies they need to foster a growth mindset. Each session includes an outline that is set to ASCA Mindsets and Behavior Standards.

Data tracking is essential to ensuring your counseling program is working efficiently. that is why I have included all of the tools you need in order to assess and measure your students' progress.

What's included with this resource:

  • 5 Individual Counseling Growth Mindset Activities
  • Student Journal with 5 Growth Mindset Prompts
  • Feelings Check Posters
  • Guide on Best Practices and Recommendations for Individual Counseling Sessions
  • Counselor's Implementation Guide with Supplemental Videos
  • Data Tracking Tools

Activities Include:

  • Hidden Message Finder
  • Dice Game
  • Drawing Challenge
  • Perseverance Challenge
  • Movement-based Game

Data Tools Include:

  • Self-Assessments (digital Google Forms version included!)
  • Student Rating Scales
  • Behavior Progress Monitoring Forms (digital Google Forms version included!)

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