Mindfulness Meditations - 10 Calm Classroom Guided Meditations to Promote Focus


Elementary (2nd-5th)

Researched Based

Fun and Engaging

Easy to Implement

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These guided meditations are a perfect way to help your students practice mindfulness. Each guided meditation has a theme from a different destination to help your students become more calm and focused. Engage students in the practice of mindfulness without spending too much time planning! This resource is designed to be low-prep and impactful for students in their mindfulness journey.

 These mindfulness scripts are great to use with small groups, individuals, or the entire class!

Topics Covered: calmness and relaxation, appreciation and gratitude, intention and goal-setting, self-esteem building, and letting go of negative thoughts.


Calming and Relaxation:

  • Calm Caribbean- Islands in the Caribbean
  • Calming Flower Fields- Netherlands

Appreciation and Gratitude

  • Gratitude Jungle- Costa Rica
  • Sahara Desert Gratitude- Egypt
  • Home of Gratitude- Anywhere

Intention and Goal Setting

  • Goal Setting in the Amazon- Brazil
  • Goal Setting in the Outback- Australia

Self-Esteem Building

  • Self-Esteem on Mt. Fuji- Japan

Letting Go of Negative Thoughts

  • No Worries Safari- Africa
  • Positive Thoughts Falls- Niagara Falls USA

My Meditation Body Poster

Debriefing Questions

Looking for a complete mindfulness routine to send to your students? Check out these Boom Cards!


Students will enjoy using their imaginations to regain control of their emotions. Mindfulness and meditation are proven techniques for managing stress, fostering an attitude of appreciation, and building self-esteem.


These scrips are designed to be easy to read and NO PREP. Don’t like the idea of reading the scripts yourself? Check out these audio clips I recorded.


Destination Meditation is designed for students grades 1-6 but it can also be modified to work for other grades.


⁕ Progressive Muscle Relaxation Foldable Activities

Mindful Manatee Mantras

Creative Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Bundle

Mindfulness Focus and Attention

Mindful Mantras Posters

Mindful Monkey Mantras Poster

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