Self-Regulation and Size of the Problem Fall Games, Activities, and Worksheets


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This fall-themed self-regulation and size of the problem bundle includes Self-Regulation: What Color is Your Pumpkin and Size of the Problem Pumpkins. These fun fall and Halloween themed activities will help students understand how not all problems are the same and how to react appropriately given the size of the problem. Additionally, students will learn new self-regulation techniques they can use when they are feeling strong emotions.

Self-Regulation: What Color is Your Pumpkin explains self-regulation while allowing students to externalize their feelings to a pumpkin. Students will learn which feelings and actions are associated with each emotion. They will also practice new ways to regulate their emotions.

Size of the Problem Pumpkins helps students identify the size of their problems and practice appropriate reactions and solutions. The worksheet components help students apply the information to their daily life by reflecting on recent situations.

What is included in this bundle?

  • 2 Pumpkin Flip Books (Self-Regulation + Size of the Problem)
  • 2 Seed Sort Games (Self-Regulation + Size of the Problem)
  • 2 Reflection Worksheets (Self-Regulation + Size of the Problem)
  • Detailed instruction + example pages for the teacher/counselor (Self-Regulation + Size of the Problem)
  • 1 Size of the Problem Poster (Size of the Problem)


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