Summer SEL Activity Pack - Support your child's social-emotional well-being this summer!


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Are you looking for a way to support your child's social-emotional well-being this summer? Every parent I know wants to help their child manage strong emotions but many aren't sure where to start!

As a school counselor and parent myself, I love to empower parents to initiate conversations with their children about their feelings and goals. Plus I love to see families bond through fun games and activities! 

This at-home Summer SEL Toolkit will help you:

  • Foster resilience in your child 
  • Initiate discussions about emotions 
  • Identify coping skills that work best for your child
  • Discuss growth and set goals for the future
  • Bond and connect with fun games! 

The toolkit includes:

  • Emotions Discussion Cards
  • Coping Skills Matching Game 
  • Self-Reflective Growth Chart 
  • Family Game Guide
  • Resilience Guide and Activity
  • Extension Resources and Videos

If you're looking for fun and meaningful activities to do with your child this summer, this at-home SEL toolkit is for you!

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