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Looking for a no-prep empathy activity to use with your students? These empathy Boom Cards, will help students define empathy, identify how others are feeling, and identify examples of empathetic situations.

Developing empathy helps students understand how others are feeling. Empathy is essential to relationships and being able to relate to others.

*** Updated to include audio on every slide to help with reading.

Benefit to Students:

Understanding that different people feel different emotions at different times will help students better relate to others. Students will build stronger more lasting relationships when they are able to respond to changing moods and emotions with empathy.

Establishing these strong interpersonal skills early in life will give students the confidence they need to excel in the classroom and in their social life.

Saving Time:

This Empathy Boom Card activity is ready to use or send directly to students.

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What are Boom Cards?
Boom cards activities are hosted on their own platform called Boom Learning. Boom Cards are paperless, no prep, interactive, self-grading, and SUPER FUN! Setting up an account is FREE and your students can have access to these interactive games right away.

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