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October is Bullying Prevention Month but as counselors, we are constantly trying to help students understand what is and what is not bullying. This bundle is full of engaging lessons, interactive activities, and fun games to help tackle the important topic of bullying and bullying prevention. I made sure to include a lot of fun fall and Halloween-themed activities specifically for Bullying Prevention Month but there are also activities that are designed to be used any time of year.

 What's included in this bundle?

 Fall Themed School-Wide Activities:

  • Positive Pumpkins Compliment Cards
  • Bullying Prevention Facts Bookmarks
  • School-Wide Bullying Prevention Chain

Halloween Board Game:

  • Game Board
  • Role Play Cards
  • Discussion Cards
  • Examples of Bullying Cards

Year-Round Board Game:

  • Same as the Halloween Board Game with different clipart

Bullying Prevention Guidance Lesson:

  • EDITABLE PowerPoint presentation *Now with Google Slides version*
  • Sharing Activity
  • 2 Graphs to simplify concepts
  • Upstander Video Link

 Salad Bowl Game:

  • Detailed teacher/counselor instructions
  • Bullying prevention "bullying basics" handout
  • 12 game cards

Students will be able to:

  • Define bullying behavior and the different types of bullying
  • Define the differences between tattling and reporting
  • Identify the different roles in bullying situations
  • Prevent bullying
  • Spread kindness
  • Share their own experiences with bullying
  • Identify solutions to prevent bullying in the future


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