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This empathy activity bundle has everything you need to teach your students how to define empathy and identify empathy strategies for use in everyday situations. Empathy can be a very difficult skill for students to grasp but it is essential to making and maintaining friendships and performing in social situations. Students will learn about empathy skills they can use at school and at home.ALL 3 resources pair perfectly together and buying the bundle saves you 20%!

All of the curriculum is designed to be low-prep.

Empathy Guidance Lesson Includes:

↠ EDITABLE PowerPoint *Now with Google Slides version*

↠ Get to know you Bingo

↠ Sides of the room game

↠ Sharing activity

↠ Empathy video

↠ Discussion questions

↠ Group reflection

Empathy Prospective Taking Games and Foldable Includes:

↠ Empathy dice game

↠ Two empathy worksheets

↠ 8 scenario cards

↠ 8 empathy emotion foldables

↠ 4 empathy situation foldables

Empathy Scoot Game Includes:

↠ 30 game cards

↠ Answer sheets

↠ Detailed instructions


In each activity, students will learn empathy tools they can use at home and school to better understand the people around them. In addition, they will improve emotional recognition and learn new skills to help in social situations.

At a minimum, these activities and lessons allow students to get up and moving and develop self-esteem through participation.


⁕ Scoot Games Bundle

⁕ Blooming Friendships Friendship Group

Prosocial Behaviors and Social Skills Stories

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