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This thorough and comprehensive elementary school counseling curriculum includes everything you need in order to implement a successful school counseling program. All groups, activities, and lessons are research-based and designed to be low-prep so you can spend more time counseling and less time planning. This bundle is perfect for new school counselors, or any counselor wanting to save time.

Start the year off right with a needs assessment to develop your program. Then, implement the small groups and guidance lessons throughout the year to help students with social skills, self-regulation, anger management, self-control, self-esteem, and more! Close out the school year and showcase all of your data-driven results with the completely editable end-of-the-year report. These resources offer a perfect way to implement your school's response to intervention program with resources designed to meet the needs of tier one and tier two students.

The curriculum meets ASCA mindsets and behaviors standards. Purchasing the bundle saves you almost 40%!

Customer Review: "Can I just say OMG! What an awesome packet that you have shared on TPT. It is totally worth the money. So many materials to use. You have saved me tons of time and effort."

Includes 10 groups:

Social Sleuths 10 Week Social Skills Group

Mega Minds 10 Week Gifted Students Group

Love Your Selfie 8 Week Girl’s Self-Esteem Group

Self-Esteem MVPs 8 Week Boy’s Self-Esteem Group

Wiggle Worms 8 Week Self-Control Group >>> # 1 Best Seller

What Floats Your Boat? 7 Week Resiliency Building Group

Steam Stoppers 7 Week Anger Management Group

Blooming Friendships 6 Week Friendship Group

Growing Minds 5 Week Growth Mindset Group

Memory Keepers 5 Week Grief Group

Includes 14 PowerPoint Guidance Lessons: *Now with Google Slides Version*




Learning Styles



Bullying Prevention

Study Skills

Focus and Attention


Cyber Safety


Growth Mindset



It also includes tools to help track data!

School Counseling Needs Assessment (with digital version)

Editable End of the Year Report



Group Rules: Suggested and DIY Group Rules poster so students can take ownership of the creation of the group rules and norms.

Feelings Check: Feelings Check Poster to serve as a visual aid for students to self-reflect on their emotional state at the start of each session.

Self-Assessments: Pre and post group self-assessments to track student growth and make data collection easy!

Outlines: Weekly, easy to follow, outlines with objectives to meet ASCA mindsets and behaviors standards.

Journal prompts: Five of the groups include reflective journal prompts to provide a writing opportunity for upper elementary students.

Games & Activities: A wide variety of games and activities are in each group, including icebreakers, social stories, dice games, BINGO games, interactive worksheets, charades games, flipbooks, crafts, discussion cards, coloring sheets, sorting activities, matching games, role-play scenarios, discussion dice, board games, and collages.


↠ PowerPoint / Google Slides Lessons (Editable)

↠ Activities

↠ Games

↠ Answer Keys

↠ Videos

↠ Role-play Scenarios

↠ Discussion Questions


In each counseling group, students will learn coping skills they can use at home and school to help them build self-control, self-esteem, social skills, resiliency, friendships, and a growth mindset.  In addition, they will learn coping skills to better manage their anger, grief, and academic stress.

The guidance lessons are a great resource to use alongside your character education program and are an essential tool for Tier 1 response to intervention practices.

At a minimum, these groups and lessons allow students to identify and share their feelings, develop self-esteem through participation, and practice empathy while hearing others’ experiences.



With easy-to-implement outlines and activities, these groups and lessons are very low-prep. Simply print out each session before students arrive and keep them in a file folder. For tips on how to organize your small groups, check out this blog post I wrote, and for guidance, and lesson tips read this one. The self-assessments are a great way to get students to self-reflect on their progress and you can then share this information with teachers, and parents, or in your end-of-the-year program report.


School Counseling Small Group Bundle

School Counseling Board Game Bundle

Self-Regulation Mega Bundle

Self-Control Mega Bundle

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