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Self-Regulation Bundle: This BUNDLE includes "Self-Regulation: What Color is Your Chameleon?" and " Self-Regulation: Self Monitoring Packet" Both of these activities explain self-regulation while externalizing the student's feelings to a chameleon. Separating their feelings from their identity is easier for younger students to understand and helps them to feel more in control of their emotions and actions.

Both resources pair perfectly together and buying the bundle saves you $!

Just as the chameleon's colors change, our feelings and actions change depending on which emotions we are experiencing.

Students will learn which feelings and actions are associated with each emotion and will receive suggestions for how to regulate their emotions.

The self-monitoring packet is great for data collection and progress monitoring!

Packet includes:

  • Self-regulation posters
  • Desk name tags
  • My daily emotions
  • My weekly emotions
  • Month at a glance calendar
  • Critical thinking reflection

The daily, weekly, and monthly increments provide a useful tool to spot trends and problem areas with students who might otherwise be overlooked.


Self-Regulation: What Color is Your Chameleon?

Self-Regulation Self Monitoring Packet

Self-Regulation BUNDLE

Size of the Problem Activity Pack - Self-Regulation

Self-Regulation SUPER BUNDLE

Self-Regulation Scoot Game

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